FlexMetalNet security fences
Bormio, Italy, Jan 28 to Feb 13, 2005

A new generation of high safety fences on downhill race tracks premieres on this season´s FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

	•	Prochain, as the leading institute for chain mail safety systems,
	•	Alpina Safety Systems, as one of the world leading companies in race track safety,
	•	Friedrich Münch, market leader in modern chain mail production
are proud to present the new standard in alpine skiing safety, a flexible metal chain mail net, called: FlexMetalNet.
Three years after S. Beltrametti´s serious accident in Val d´Isère, the solution is found for safety A-Nets: 
	1.    A full cutting proof material, also limiting 
          residual risk of injuries by providing excellent 
          energy absorption on impact.
	2.    High specific density: in case of an impact, 
          the casualty will be decelerated much more 
          moderate than on current safety nets.
	3.    Substantial advantage due to flexible ring 
          principle and chain mail topology providing 
          soft reception of the accidented racer, 
          reducing risk of severe injuries.

In addition to that, the new product has to comply with specific premises, such like high grade steel alloy in combination with an unique laser spot welding technique, provided by Friedrich Münch GmbH.
With a new manufacturing process, the FlexMetalNet can be produced in large scales and more efficient in a competitive price range. All these attributes are specificly linked to the chain mail principle found in the FlexMetalNet product which is a result of over two years of reseach and development by Prochain and the joining partners. Extensive testing and analyses has shown the performance of the new product in meeting all requirements and adding further substantial value on top of current safety net systems.


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